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Hill Country...Hardingsburg Indiana...
The First Stagecoach stop on the First Highway in Indiana
Established in 1802 by the then Governor of the Indiana Territory,
later President of the U.S., William Henry Harrison.
This Road followed the "Old Buffalo Trace"
from New Albany to Vincinnes...

chigger hill
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Hardinsburg Indiana Cemetary (Hardingsburg)

The children gathered berries in the woods and they climbed the hills around Hardingsburg in search of the berries. The childrens' favorite hill was called "Chigger Hill".
It was about the highest place in the whole county. On a clear day...

"You could see Lake Superior from the top of Chigger Hill"

Suddarth Family Resting Place

In January, 1838, Aaron Hardin laid off the town of Hardinsburg, naming it for himeself. The original plat consisted of thirty-six lots in section 3. The town incorporated on March 24, 1849. Hardinsburg is the center of a good farming district...40 miles, as the crow flies, northwest of the "city" of Louisville, Kentucky.

born in 1897

Baby Nana McCrary born 1897

Oldest daughter of Simeon
& Cora McCrary, Proprietors of
The Hardingsburg Inn

Today (2012) Baby Nana's great granddaughter operates the Abbey Inn in Brown County Indiana.

In the late 1890's Hardingsburg was on the stagecoach line from Louisville to Indianapolis. Simeon and Cora (Suddarth) McCrary ran the Inn at Hardingsburg. Cora McCrary was an excellent cook. Travelers between New Albany and Vincennes appreciated the food at the Hardingsburg Inn.

Mr. McCrary was prosperous in Hardingsburg. He drove a huckster wagon. He knew every hill and hollar and every pike road in Washington and Orange counties.

He visited each house and picked up the eggs, chickens, garden produce and crafts in the area. On Thursdays he would drive his wagon to Louisville. On the return trip the wagon was filled with merchandise that wasn't available in the southern Indiana hills. Simeon McCrary ran a traveling store!

Like all small towns throughout the USA, the residents of Hardingsburg were keenly interested in politics. They didn't know the outcome of Presidential elections by 7:30 on election day. They waited for the stage coach. it was pre-arranged with the driver. If he came flying into town, the Republicans were victorious. If the horses walked sedately into town the Democrats were the winners. The pike road was lined with people at the time the stage was due to arrive.

The people supporting the winning ticket cheered.

Hardinsburg in 2002 on U.S. 150
The old "Buffalo Trace"

Hardinsburg Photos

Salem...the county seat

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